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Puppy Preschool


What is included?


90 Minute Session.

Embark on a power-packed 90 minute session designed to foster a strong bond between you and your puppy while setting the stage for a successful journey together. A home visit shortly after your puppy's arrival will provide invaluable guidance on essentials, including toilet training, puppy biting, jumping up, chewing, crate training, and more.

Choose from the convenience of your home, The TLC Office, or an outdoor setting in my local area for our session, based on your puppy's age and the specific focus of our work. Each session spans 90 minutes, ensuring a thorough and tailored approach to your puppy's development.

*If you require a home visit and you live more that 30 minutes drive from HX3 7BS please contact me prior to booking otherwise the session will be in at my location.

*Please note that these sessions focus on training rather than behavioural consultations. If your puppy exhibits extreme fearful or aggressive behaviour, such as barking, lunging, growling at dogs or people, guarding food or objects, or experiencing separation anxiety please contact us about what we can offer.

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