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All the answers you need about our packaging are below. Please email us at if you have any further questions that are not answered below.



About our Eco Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging is a form of environmentally-friendly packaging often made of recycled or renewable materials that’s safe and sustainable for both individuals and the environment.

The main features of sustainable packaging are:

  • Produces little to no environmental waste

  • Made from reusable or biodegradable packaging materials

  • Safe for people and the environment

Enter your answer to the question here. Make sure the writing is clear and concise, and Eco-friendly packaging has a very positive impact on the overall environment, your business and your customers. In fact, green packaging can even help your business be in the green financially too! Here’s a closer look at how sustainable packaging can help both the planet and your bottom line.

  • Eco-friendly packaging is easy to dispose of or reused. It’s highly-biodegradable and recyclable, meaning that it's its by far the best form of environmentally-friendly packaging available today.

  • The production of materials that make eco-friendly packaging is also easy on the environment, meaning fewer carbon emissions and little to no waste.

  • Fewer energy sources overall are used for the production of such materials, as most of the raw material is organic and natural.

  • As most of the materials used are natural, it’s healthier overall for people. The lack of synthetic chemicals used to make it means it's much healthier for both people and the environment.

  • Using sustainable packaging can boost your image in the market and among the customers. As more and more people worldwide become environmentally-conscious, your company can be at the forefront by using green packaging for all your products.

  • The manufacturing cost of green packaging is less than regular packaging materials, thus saving your business money.

  • Green packaging also typically uses less material than traditional packaging, making it another win for the environment.

  • Your client base can increase as Millennials and Generation Z, both often seen as more environmentally-conscious compared to prior generations, come of age.

  • Sustainable packaging is versatile - you can use it in almost every industry.

  • Compared to traditional packaging, eco-friendly packaging is not only more sustainable, but also typically sturdier and offers more protection for items.

We will always recycle and reuse whenever possible.

All  the boxes we buy to send our products out in are fully recyclable and commercially compostable.

We always buy recyclable, compostable bags too.

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