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Training and Behaviour Modification

Enhance your bond with your dog by introducing positive interactions to teach new behaviours or address unwanted ones, ultimately elevating the overall quality of your shared lives.

TLC Dog Training is built on the principle that every dog is distinct, possessing its own unique traits and behaviours, necessitating individualised training approaches. Our dedicated trainers specialise in addressing basic manners as well as more intricate behavioural issues, aiming not only to train your dog but also to equip you with effective communication skills. Our training method incorporates enjoyable techniques, fostering a happier life for both you and your canine companion.

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Training and Behaviour Modification

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Our Story

Tori Lynn Crowther, boasting over 30 years of experience as a dog trainer and handler. Recognising a significant demand around 15 years ago for adept dog walkers capable of managing larger, challenging dogs, she founded TLC Dog Walking.  TLC Dog Walking now has around 20 fully trained dog walkers, each fully insured and very competent.


In response to the growing need for dog trainers post-lockdown, Tori has returned to her roots in dog training, bringing her wealth of expertise to meet this increasing demand.

Meet The Team

Training Packages

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