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TLC Healthy, Natural Dog Treats are all about making your dog healthier and happier – which in turn should bring you, their owner, joy. 
We have spent much time in creating a range as broad as possible to suit every dog’s nutritional, entertainment, and growth needs. 
However, we realise that most of our dog treats are 100% natural animal products which means there is a large variance even in the one product range, depending on the specific treats selected, the season, the drying process etc. If we find major long-term changes to product look, we change our images as soon as practical.
However occasionally dog treats fail to please the dog or their owner so subject to the conditions below, if any product you purchase from us and it is found to be defective, we will happily replace the product, or offer you a refund.
Our Return and Refund Policy provides you with benefits in addition to the rights you have at law, including under the UK Consumer Law (see below), because your satisfaction is our main focus.




As we mostly sell healthy dog treats, this policy focuses on treats.  We believe in providing the fairest policy available and that means to current and future customers. That is why if you have purchased a treat that you have changed your mind about or your dog doesn’t like, we typically don’t offer a refund or exchange.  We are unable to accept even unopened quality products because we know that we can’t safely resell a product once it has left our company. 

We also ask that you consider buying the smallest sample size versions of the product until you are sure that your dog will enjoy the treat. And yes, under exceptional circumstances we can find an alternative solution, we like to be creative, cooperative and assist our clients above and beyond, where possible.

If a product is unspoiled and unopened and you request that we exchange it for something else, depending on the nature of the product, under exceptional circumstances we may consider this – however as dog health is our priority we rarely risk accepting a returned product to resell, which means that your postage costs and us receiving it will most likely be of little value to either of us.


Due to the, natural, often organic, and completely nutritious value of our healthy dog treats, it is possible that spoilage of the treats can occur. The 100% range does not have preservatives because they typically do not need them to last up to a year under ‘pantry’ conditions (cool, dark and airtight containers).

But even with preservatives, products can spoil, because they are FOOD.   If you think that the treat may not be edible, please contact us within 30 days of you receiving the treat so we can discuss the details of the issue.  Noting that many treats can have a whitening or colour shift of the product dues to the drying process used by the manufacturer.

We like to trust our customers, so unlike many companies we will not put you to the effort of returning your dog treat and giving you thousands of restrictive rules. We would like to discuss the treat you believe is spoiled, get a high res well-lit photo and understand what went wrong so we can prevent such issues in future.

THEN, typically we will either present the option of:

  • refunding the original purchase price of that product

  • sending a replacement of the same product or products up to the same value OR

  • Offering a discount on future orders (to be used within three months of purchase) up to the spoiled treats value.

We are an exceptionally reasonable company based on the best products and customer service. We work extremely hard to get and keep our customers, so we treat all your questions and queries very seriously and aim to resolve issues to your satisfaction.    

This policy is explained only to help you understand that we are the good guys doing our best to make dogs and owner’s happy. 

Principles of consumer law – quality and consumer rights in the UK

The term ‘consumer law’ refers to any piece of government legislation designed to protect consumers from poor-quality products and poor business practices. In the UK there are two pieces of legislation that form the basis of consumer rights: the Consumer Rights Act (2015) and the Consumer Protection Act (1987).

The Consumer Rights Act (2015)

This act replaced and updated previous legislation. It was also the first consumer legislation to include digital products. It deals with transactions between a seller and a buyer and is designed to protect consumers from unfair and dishonest business practices. It covers:

  • the product or service

  • returns

  • repairs and replacement

  • delivery

The product or service

Goods must be:

  • described accurately – businesses should not describe goods and services in a misleading way

  • fit for purpose – goods must do what they are designed to do

  • satisfactory quality – goods should not be damaged or faulty when sold as new

Services should be supplied under minimum standards, which include:

  • the service provider must use reasonable care and skill in delivering the service

  • any written or verbal information provided by the supplier is binding

  • the service must be provided in a reasonable time, unless agreed otherwise

  • the service must be provided for a reasonable price, if the price is not agreed beforehand


Under certain circumstances, consumers can reject a product (excluding digital products) and return it for a full refund within 30 days of taking ownership of it. They can do this if the product is not as described, unfit for purpose or not of satisfactory quality.

Where a fault develops within the first six months, it is presumed that the fault was there when the consumer took ownership of the product, unless the business can prove otherwise. After six months, the responsibility for proving that the fault was there when they took ownership falls on the consumer.

Repairs and replacement

After 30 days, a consumer must give a business one opportunity to repair or replace any goods, including digital goods that are not as described, unfit for purpose or not of satisfactory quality. If the repair or replacement is unsuccessful, the consumer can claim a refund or price reduction.


Delivery should usually take place within 30 days, unless agreed otherwise at the time of sale. The business selling the goods remains responsible for them until they are in the possession of the consumer. Failure to deliver within 30 days, or by the agreed date, gives the consumer the right to cancel the purchase and receive a full refund.

The Consumer Protection Act (1987)

This Act is designed to ensure that products are safe. It makes businesses that produce, rather than just sell, liable for any damage caused by poor quality or defective products. The producer is considered to be an individual or company who puts their name or trademark on a product, or has imported it into the European Union in order to sell it on.

It gives anybody the right to claim against the producer of a product for any damage caused by a manufacturing defect.



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